LBS Student Award winners announced

Outstanding student leaders recognised for their contribution to School community


Outgoing Student Association (SA) President Callan Carvey (pictured) and Treasurer Dinesh Chugani have won the Lasting Impact Award at this year’s London Business School (LBS) Student Awards, for their exceptional service to the School. 

The graduating MBA2020 candidates are two of 26 students across multiple degree programmes to receive a 2020 LBS Student Award, which recognises outstanding contribution across four categories. The announcement of the winners coincided with a special virtual celebration of graduating students on 9 July 2020. 

Callan Carvey received the Lasting Impact Award for outstanding leadership during her tenure as 2019-20 SA President, in particular throughout the coronavirus crisis. Callan was commended for her tireless commitment to amplifying the voices and interests of students, her positive presence and her collaborative and constructive approach. A highly respected member of the School community, Callan worked diligently with School leaders to protect and elevate the student experience throughout the virtual teaching period and actively took part in cross-functional groups providing advice to LBS. She demonstrated resilience and compassion under immense pressure, and went far beyond the expected remit of her role with extraordinary adaptability and kindness. 

The other recipient of this award, Dinesh Chugani, 2019-20 SA Treasurer, was recognised for his transformation of the Association’s financial processes, including the migration of accounts and functionalities to a new expense system. Dinesh took on a critical leadership role throughout the coronavirus crisis. When student club events were cancelled as a result of the pandemic, Dinesh worked closely with the clubs to act responsibly towards their members and ensure the clubs’ survival in the face of unexpected revenue losses. Dinesh also improved financial transparency and efficiency, and strengthened event financial controls. His efforts have improved Student Association operations and will ensure their resilience into the future. 

The Student of the Year Award is presented to students whose efforts have positively transformed the experience of their peers and the whole school community. This year’s recipients are Cori Boyce (MBA2020), Giambattista De Cian (MFA2020), Jose Ignacio Fernandez Telleria (MIFFT2020), Keshav Lohia (MiM2020), Meis Kadhem (EMBADS2020), Rahul Sinha (MBA2020), Tim Howard (MBA2020), Viviana Loriato (MIFFT2020).

The Outstanding Leadership & Service Award is presented to students whose leadership has made a significant contribution to the School, and who have been positive student ambassadors across the School. This year’s recipients are Abdullah Saleh Bakhrebah (EMBADS2020), Anna Warm (MBA2020), Fanni Luca Szente (MiM2020), Giulia Poletti De Chaurand (MBA2020), Kanupriya Rungta (MBA2020), Kylie Philbin (MBA2020), Nasi Rwigema (MBA2020), Sid Singh (MBA2020).

The Leading through Adversity Award, a new award in 2020, was launched in recognition of the extraordinary events of 2020 and the courageous response of students during this time. Recipients of this award have shown leadership and resilience in times of crisis, overcoming professional or personal adversity. This year’s winners are Alberto Fiorencis (MBA2020), Audrey Saul (MBA2020), David Jones (MBA2020), Dominik Bründler (MiM2020), Freya De Mink (MBA2020), Madeline Mccloughan (MBA2020), Mansi Periwal (MFA2020).

François Ortalo-Magné, Dean of LBS, congratulated all of the 2019-20 award winners. 

“Our Student Awards recognise service to LBS that goes above and beyond,” he said. 

“This year, our students have been asked to lead under immense pressure, and to be innovative, resilient and agile. They have absolutely risen to the challenge and had a positive impact on LBS that will be felt for many years to come. I am so proud of our graduates and grateful for the leadership and dedication they have shown to their peers and our School.”

The details of all award winners can be found at the School’s dedicated Congregation site.