LBS Sloan cohort identified as most international

The diversity of LBS Sloan Fellows has been recognised by Poets & Quants, with 2022’s cohort considered the most international of any Sloan programme that year


In a recent Poet & Quantsarticle about Sloan Fellows and the prestigious leadership programme that only LBS, MIT Sloan and Stanford offer, the LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy programme was acknowledged as being the most diverse in terms of nationality, with 22 nationalities represented within the 2022 cohort. That cohort also boasted the most years’ experience of any cohort that year, with an average of 18 years’ leadership experience across a diverse range of industries.

Commenting on the article, Graham Hastie, Associate Dean of Degree Education & Career Centre said:

“The LBS Sloan programme attracts interest from a diverse range of senior professionals looking to lead effective change and drive organisational performance. The LBS Sloan class is diverse not just in terms of nationality and gender, but also in terms of industry background. The exposure to talent is exceptional as Sloan Fellows bring a wealth of experience from all over the world, as well as insights from years of working in environments ranging from sole proprietors to multinational giants and not-for-profits.

“A diverse class means a diverse range of ideas, real-world challenges and solutions. This automatically challenges any bias, encourages growth and reduces groupthink. As Sloan Fellow Santuza Paolucci Nogueira Bicalho says in the article, “I think in this respect, LBS is very special. When you sit down in the classroom, you hear views from all over the globe – from India, from China, from Europe, from the US, from Latin America, from Africa. You feel the impact of a truly global cohort.” We are delighted that the diversity of the cohort continues to inspire students like Santuza and that Poets & Quants has recognised the global appeal of our programme.”

The 2023 cohort comprises 56 Sloan Fellows, representing 26 nationalities and bringing with them an average of 19 years of experience. A quarter of the cohort are women.