LBS professor joins Japanese PM's Advisory Council

Lynda Gratton will advise on Japan’s social welfare and education systems

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Professor Lynda Gratton is joining Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Advisory Council to help reform the country’s social system.

The role will see the professor of management practice at London Business School advising Abe on how to revive social welfare and education.

A more efficient welfare system is needed to address the growing number of centenarians (61,000 at present) across Japan.

Developing younger generations for working life is also critical in a country with a high number of ageing workers. Japan’s workforce of 65 million is expected to drop significantly to 42 million by 2050 as the population ages and shrinks.  

The Advisory Council is the first step to making systemic changes in Japan, according to Professor Gratton. “The holistic and systemic approach that this initiative reflects is innovative and will be powerful in considering how for example, the shrinking workforce, workplace diversity and technology disruption impact the future of work.”

Professor Gratton is founder of the Future of Work Research Consortium, which recognises key trends and identifies ways that businesses can respond to them in order to remain dynamic, innovative and competitive.

She is also co-author of The 100 Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity, which explores the challenges and opportunities created by longer life expectancy.