LBS part of the Davos 2022 line-up

The evolution of business education and the future of work are under the spotlight

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Leaders from around the globe are meeting in Davos, Switzerland this week for the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting, the first in-person Annual Meeting for more than two years. The meeting centres around the theme ‘History at a Turning Point: Government Policies and Business Strategies’, drawing together nearly 2,500 leaders from the worlds of politics, business, civil society, academia, media and the arts.

London Business School is right in the thick of #WEF22, with its Dean François Ortalo-Magné speaking at two sessions about the future of education and Professor Lynda Gratton speaking about the future of work.

On 23 May, Dean François was a speaker in a conversation centred around the growing case for business schools to enhance their focus on responsible business education in their teaching, research, and their own operations. As part of the discussion, speakers shared ideas about what practical and measurable strategies for enhancing responsible business practices could be taken, how business schools might educate future leaders in order to combat climate change and what the main implementation challenges to fully integrate responsible business into core courses might be.

The Dean also took part in a discussion about ‘Future-Proofed Career Paths’ hosted by the Mohammed Bin Salman Foundation - The Youth Majlis on 25 May. The session considered how the definition of professional success and the notion of a career path is increasingly individual and non-linear, with multiple starts, stops, plateaus and shifts along the way. The Dean and his fellow panellists debated how students can prepare for the many options that face them and whether employers are ready and supportive of non-linear career paths. Importantly they discussed how educational institutions like LBS and employers can support young people with their career journeys.

Another question raised at Davos 22 was around the future of work and what that might mean in practice. Lynda Gratton, author of ‘Redesigning Work – How to Transform Your Organisation & Make Hybrid Work for Everyone’, shared her view that the challenge is 'How do you make work more productive? How do you help people use both time and place to be more productive, and also to really focus on the moments that matter?'.