LBS MBA programme in global top 10

Degree programme fourth in ‘alumni recommend’ ranking

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London Business School’s (LBS) MBA programme is again among the top 10 in the world, according to the Financial Times (FT).

LBS placed sixth in the publication’s 2019 ranking of full-time global MBA programmes and first in the UK.

It ranked fourth overall in the ‘alumni recommend’ measure, which reflects respondents’ selection of three schools from which they would recruit MBA degree holders.

90% of LBS alumni surveyed for the 2019 ranking said that the programme had enabled them to realise their reasons or goals for pursuing an MBA.

Gareth Howells, Executive Director, MBA, said the programme’s strong performance in the latest ranking reflected the consistently high-quality learning opportunities delivered by LBS faculty and staff to students.

“The high satisfaction reported by our graduates confirms the continued relevance of the MBA. The results make clear that our alumni not only regard the School’s programme very highly, but that they also value that same educational experience in those they may hire,” he said.

“This is a gratifying result, but the School is firmly committed to the ongoing evolution of its MBA. That growth is what will allow us to ensure that our graduates are equipped to adapt to - and excel in - a constantly evolving business landscape.”

The School also placed in the top 10 for the ‘FT research rank’. The rank measures the volume of articles published in 50 selected journal titles by existing full-time faculty, and takes into consideration faculty size.

The latest ranking comes just two months after the FT named LBS the best business school in Europe for a fifth consecutive year.