LBS MBA creates unique space in your career

LBS Dean explains why the School’s MBA is more relevant than ever

1140x346 Francois Barton Podcast

Is an MBA essential or a nice to have? LBS Dean François Ortalo-Magné tackles the question – rarely out of business education headlines – in Spotlight On, a podcast interview with consultancy and executive search firm the Barton Partnership.

“There are thousands of MBAs,” Dean Ortalo-Magné tells host Nicholas Barton as they discuss LBS’ purpose, pandemic innovation and the continued relevance of the School’s MBA to its community.

“They are not all created equal, and they are not all targeting the same audience or serving the same employers,” Dean Ortalo-Magné explains. “I can’t speak for all MBAs, but I think what makes our MBA relevant – and it’s why most of our students take two years to complete the programme – is that it creates a unique space in your career.

“The MBA creates a unique space to think, to learn and to connect.”

It is a space that is anchored in the rigour of academic research, and that provides a richer diversity than you would encounter at work, says the Dean.

“Within this space curiosity is encouraged. You are free to explore. There is no line manager or people director watching your performance or evaluating your successes and failures with the interests of the organisation in mind. The interest in mind when you join our School, is yours,” says Dean Ortalo-Magné.

Equally important is access to a unique community and relationships that serve the School’s students throughout their careers. The School’s 50,000 alumni worldwide are “friends”, says Dean Ortalo-Magné.

“They are here to help and that’s why I believe there is tremendous value to the MBA we offer here.”

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