LBS gives annual lectures for local sixth formers

Eight members of LBS’s world-class faculty to feature in the 2020/21 ‘Guru’ lecture series

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The 2020/21 Youth Enrichment Programme, a series of lectures led by LBS faculty for year 12 students from five London-based academies, will start its eighth series this December. Owing to the Covid 19 pandemic, it will be entirely online for the first time. This unique LBS community initiative, gives local teenagers access to LBS’s world-class faculty, teaching them valuable life skills and exploring topics not typically covered in the school curriculum.

The programme was started in 2013 by Simona Botti, Professor of Marketing at LBS, and Tina Clark, Chair of the Community Action Group. Since then it has expanded its reach from one to five academies with the support of Step into My Shoes, a social enterprise that helps young people make informed choices about university study and careers. 

“What’s so great about these lectures,” said Tina Clark, “is not only do they teach practical skills which young people can apply in everyday life but they also raise aspirations, enhance students’ belief in themselves and broaden their horizons.” 

Sarah Norris, founder of Step into My Shoes added: “LBS’s Youth Enrichment Programme provides knowledge and information about what young people may do professionally in life, but also encourages them to think about the planet, society and all that’s going on around them. Each year we get great feedback from the students and all the schools involved and we are truly grateful to LBS faculty for giving so generously of their time.” 

Youth Enrichment Programme: Guru Lecture Series, 2020/21

  • The power of social networking and how it impacts your career - Professor Isabel Fernandez-Mateo
  • How to become more creative - Professor Costas Markides
  • Using better judgement to improve your decisions - Professor Sir Andrew Likierman
  • Introduction to finance - Professor Francisco Gomes
  • Sustainability - Associate Professor Ioannis Ioannou
  • The Happiness Skillset - Associate Professor Selin Kesebir
  • Negotiations - Associate Professor Niro Sivanathan
  • Behavioural economics, overconfidence and risk taking - Associate Professor David Faro