LBS faculty among bestselling case study authors

Herminia Ibarra and Nader Tavassoli named in Case Centre’s list of Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors for 2019/20

Case Centre - Top 40 - Nader and Herminia

Two London Business School faculty have been named among the Case Centre’s Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors for 2019/20

Nader Tavassoli, Professor of Marketing, at Number 20 this year, has appeared on the Top 40 Bestselling Case Authors list since the ranking’s inception five years ago.

Herminia Ibarra, Charles Handy Professor of Organizational Behaviour, appears in the Top 40 list for the second consecutive year at Number 28. 

Professor Ibarra’s latest case study, Satya Nadella at Microsoft: Instilling a Growth Mindset, co-authored with LBS faculty Dr Aneeta Rattan and writer Anna Johnston, was named the winner of the Overall Winner Award in the Case Centre’s 2020 Awards and Competitions announced earlier this year. 

She said case studies were an invaluable resource for business practitioners. 

“Take, for instance, our ‘Satya Nadella at Microsoft: Instilling a Growth Mindset’ case study. It examines how motivated leaders can transform the culture of their organisation, no matter its size, and demonstrates the power of instilling a growth mindset,” she said. 

“I am thrilled that case studies like this one have clearly resonated with audiences.”

Professor Tavassoli’s case studies include examinations of the disruptive success of the Dollar Shave Club and how innovative solar energy provider M-Kopa addressed growing competition while staying true to its social values. 

“M-Kopa was co-founded by Nick Hughes, one of our alumni, who generously visited my classes this spring. Our students enjoyed hearing from him directly how M-Kopa uses sophisticated AI and machine-to-machine communications to unlock value at the bottom of the economic pyramid. I would like to invite all of our alumni to approach our faculty with interesting case examples - whether based on successes or failures - as students love learning from our own.”

The case study method is used by business schools around the world to bring lessons from the classroom to life for students and professionals. Through their exploration of real-world business scenarios and challenges faced by organisations and their leaders, case studies provide valuable context and insight that puts theory into practice. 

Earlier this year, LBS launched its own publishing hub for case studies, London Business School Case Collection, to allow students, instructors and professionals to directly purchase case studies authored by its world class faculty.