Latest figures confirm high demand for LBS MBAs

92% of graduates from the Class of 2021 accepted employment offers within three months of graduation

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An impressive 92% of London Business School’s (LBS’s) MBA Class of 2021 accepted an offer of employment within three months of graduation, the School’s latest ‘MBA employment report’ reveals.

Graduates accepted positions in 37 countries, though 52% elected to remain in the United Kingdom.

Of those accepting an offer, 38% pursued a position in the consulting sector. The finance and technology sectors attracted 26% of graduates each. The employer list is diverse and includes McKinsey & Company, Morgan Stanley, Amazon, Google and Johnson & Johnson.

A further significant group of graduates started a business or were self-employed.

For the first time, the employment report sheds light on graduates’ location and professional sector both pre- and post-MBA. 50% of graduates who accepted employment offers or were sponsored switched sector upon graduation, while 53% switched location. 31% switched both location and sector upon graduation.

Zoe McLoughlin, Head of Career Centre at London Business School, said the demand for LBS talent – as reflected in the 2021 employment report – demonstrated the high calibre of its graduates.

“The last year has been one of the toughest on record for business school graduates and we are proud that, despite these challenges, our students shone across the board,” she said.

“About half our international graduates from the MBA Class of 2021 chose to remain in the UK, having taken advantage of the UK Government’s Student Visa to explore London’s exceptional opportunities.

“I am confident that, having dealt with so much uncertainty over the last 12 months and overcoming every challenge with such collaborative spirit, our graduates are more than prepared to transform business practices globally.”

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*Salary data does not include sponsored or self-employed students, in accordance with MBA CSEA guidelines.