How to make financial decisions

LBS finance Professor Alex Edmans gives public lecture on how to assess whether future benefits are worth the cost

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We make investment decisions all the time – whether to go to university or business school, whether to buy a house or set up our own company. But how can we be sure if future benefits will be worth the cost today?

Professor of Finance, Alex Edmans, will reveal a simple and unambiguous way to calculate the “time value of money” – a fundamental, a principle of finance – and simple short-cuts to value even complex investments with many future cash flows.

How to Make Financial Decisions in association with Gresham College on Tuesday 18 January 2022, 18:00-19:00, more information and to book.

“We make investment decisions all the time – far often than we think. Buying a house, shares, or bonds is clearly an investment. But so are decisions where the main investment is time – going to university or even attending this free lecture. All these decisions involve spending certain money – or time – now for uncertain benefits in the future. We’ll see how to assess whether these future benefits are worth the cost,” Professor Edmans will say.

This is a hybrid lecture can be joined online or in person at the Museum of London.