Highlights for OYW & LBS Scholarship winner, Kishore Reddy

Kishore Reddy reflects on life at LBS

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Eight months after Kishore Reddy joins the School’s Masters in Management having won the One Young World & London Business School Scholarship, he reflects on life at LBS.

“I am a person who enjoys meeting and interacting with people. So, I have been having a great time at LBS as I have been meeting and spending time with people from various backgrounds from across the globe,” explains Kishore.

“A particular highlight in the courses - especially in the elective courses - has been the way experiential learning has been combined with in-class learning through real-world case studies and examples. These discussions and conversations, facilitated by our professors have been a great way of learning and applying theory to practice as they bring out the experiences and perspectives of my fellow students. “I’m still involved with my social enterprise business, Youth for Sustainable Impact, back home in South and East India but in an advisory way as I am really busy with my studies and want to get the best out of being part of the LBS community and this opportunity in general.

“Despite Covid being a factor this year, working with LBS’s Social Impact Club along with the Wheeler Institute for Business and Development, we organised a week-long virtual social impact week with a two-day conference including a series of great speakers and activities. I have also been working on the business development side of the Entrepreneurship Club’s Launchpad programme, helping budding start-ups connect with mentors.

“I am really keen to develop my knowledge and experience with a special focus on sustainable fashion and social impact. This is really important to me because I have always been very passionate about creating an impact through business as I have seen this as a way to give back to society and environment. As regards the long-term, I’m still looking to develop my own business but want to further build up my network and resources.

“The One Young World summit will be in July this year and I’m really looking forward to attending as an Ambassador. I’ve been actively taking part in various OYW events – I participated as a speaker in the OYW ambassador (virtual) spotlight series, sharing my experience with a diverse audience and I was actively involved in the OYW schools project, helping German students understand and analyse various issues around the globe. I’ve also taken part in some pre-networking activities which is another great way to learn, build up my network in the social impact space and get to know others in this field.

“Overall, I’ve been making the best out of my time so far in spite of various obstacles due to COVID – I am learning a lot, am exposed to many new ideas and approaches, making great friends and really enjoying the programme – all as a result of being awarded this Scholarship and I’m hugely grateful. Fortunately, it’s not over yet!”