Disrupt recruitment to drive diversity

LBS’s Arnold Longboy highlights how business schools can embrace greater socio-economic diversity and act as a pipeline for a more equitable business landscape

Disrupt to Diversify - 1140x346

London Business School (LBS) is disrupting traditional recruitment practices to build more socio-economically diverse cohorts.

Writing in Times High Education (THE), Arnold Longboy, Executive Director of Recruitment & Admissions at LBS, said business schools had a unique opportunity to drive greater diversity in the wider business world.

“Recruitment strategies must break new ground if we’re serious about overcoming decades of inequality. That means standing back, throwing out the 'rulebook' and being genuinely creative about how you might reach people who have never considered a business education before,” he wrote.

Increased access to scholarships, a key pillar of LBS’s Forever Forward Campaign, offers a way forward.

Read the full piece at THE.