Disaster in the boardroom: 6 ways a board can fail

Professor Randall Peterson lifts the lid on why some boards are dysfunctional and offers insight into how to turn things around

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Speaking on LBS’s The Why Podcast – a new series from London Business School in which faculty talk about their research and what it means for business –, Randall Peterson, Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Academic Director of the Leadership Institute, discusses why boards fail and why people should care. He offers insights from his latest book Disaster in the boardroom: 6 dysfunctions everyone should understand, written with Gerry Brown, chairman of the private equity house Novaquest Capital.

Randall and Gerry wrote the book because they want more people in the world to be aware of the massive impact that boardroom failure has on everyone’s lives, in terms of jobs lost, taxes unpaid and potential environmental destruction to name but a few. In the podcast, Randall brings to life the six types of dysfunction that boards suffer from. He talks about what went wrong at Google and why group training is essential if you are to achieve success as a board. Listen to the podcast to learn what the six types of dysfunction are and to hear Randall’s three top tips for turning a board around to make it functional.