Consulting team open for business

Businesses have been offered the opportunity to profit from the expertise of London Business School's elite MBA students.

Each year, six to eight of the School's top students join forces to form London Business School’s Consulting Team.

The 2011 team will provide top-level consultancy services, instead of undertaking  traditional summer internships, benefiting from full access to London Business School resources.

Team member, Akshay Srivastava, said: "We have had a very busy and successful first month.  If you are thinking of getting in touch, please do so quickly as the summer is rushing by but we are still well positioned to execute projects of up to six weeks."

This year's team consists of the following people: Akshay Srivastava (India/Canada), Katie Cannon (United Kingdom), Nicolas Demortreux (France), Vlad Radu (Romania), Pooja Gupta (India), Ori Zaidman (Israel/United States) and Jinbo Zhu (China).

The team boasts more than 40 years' work experience in a diverse range of industries. The members speak eight languages and have worked in 17 countries.

It is well placed to work on a variety of projects including market entry strategies, planning for growth and innovation, benchmark analysis, operational process improvement and organisational change.

Past clients include Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, start-ups and investment firms across the UK and beyond. The team has already been engaged for a growth strategy project with a global company in the food industry.

Contact the team at

Fees range from £15,000 - £50,000.