CMO survey shows traditional advertising is on the rise

Tide turns on decade of declining traditional advertising spend

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The rise of technology has led to a marked increase in the use of digital marketing to reach customers glued to their mobiles and other portable devices they can access while on the move or browsing at home. This in turn has led to a decrease in more traditional advertising methods, such as TV, radio and newspapers. The tide is turning, however, with recent evidence suggesting that traditional advertising methods are once more in vogue.

The second edition of The CMO Survey UK, published in February 2022, found that marketers predicted that traditional advertising spend would increase by 2.9%, with consumer-facing companies spearheading the charge.

Writing recently in Harvard Business Review, LBS Professor of Marketing and Academic Director of the Leadership Institute Nader Tavassoli, together with his co-authors at Duke University, outlined a number of reasons why traditional marketing methods are making a comeback, such as frustration with digital clutter and inherent consumer trust in more traditional advertising formats.