Afraid of change Check out China

Is your business alive to change? If not, you’re in trouble. That is the stark warning from a leading London Business School management expert, Gary Hamel, after analysis of a range of global enterprises.


Hamel, Visiting Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, fears that many business leaders lack the will or skill to navigate the relentless pace and scale of change today. He suggests that business leaders who want a window on the future should “go and spend a few days among the rising middle class in China”.

Successful enterprises, he concludes, are those that visualise a need for products and services that do not yet exist. He highlights Skype and WhatsApp as products that did not exist three years ago, yet have disrupted business models entrenched for decades.

Hamel, author of What Matters Now, will be speaking at the World Business Forum in Sydney at the end of May.