Accelerated Development Programme celebrates 30 years

ADP alumni reassembled on campus to celebrate a significant milestone for the programme and how it continues to foster the next generation of business leaders.


Earlier this month ADP alumni caught up with old friends and shared what the course has given them and reflected on how leadership in business has evolved. As part of an expert panel Randall S Peterson, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at LBS and Academic Director of the Leadership Institute, explored the shifting meaning of leadership over the life of the ADP. The ADP intensively develops candidates, who are typically at or on the cusp of senior leadership, to enhance their self-awareness, decision making and communication.

Nino Sturua

For Nino Sturua (ADP17) the programme has been a big part of her senior career in wealth management in Tbilisi, Georgia.

“I love coming to LBS, it gives me a feeling of empowerment,” she said. “I remember all the promises I made to myself when I was studying here. I promised myself I would choose career paths, which are good for me, that I truly want. LBS is where I gained my confidence and I found my voice.

“I knew I had to come here and get out of my comfort zone. I couldn’t do the MBA for family reasons but I realised that the ADP would give me the transformation that I was looking for. Before the ADP I had accomplished a lot in my career yet I was waiting for something bigger and I maybe didn’t have expertise and confidence for that next step. I knew I was ready for something else and ADP equipped me with needed skills.

“My class was an incredible mix of people at different career stages, who brought different experiences, cultures and perspectives. And the ADP alumni network has kept that ethos of sharing and learning together we had in class. It’s so easy to ask a question and find the right insight.”

Mark Price

Mark Price (ADP17), Baron Price CVO, is the Founder of Engaging Works, Chairman of Fair Trade UK, Writer and a member of the House of Lords. The former Managing Director of Waitrose, and Deputy Chairman of the John Lewis Partnership found the ADP gave him the perspective and toolkit to achieve more in leadership.

“I needed a condensed MBA and the ADP gave me that broad perspective,” he said. “I needed to learn more about marketing strategy and finance but there was more I realised that I didn’t know around leadership, personnel and people development. Rob Goffee’s teaching was amazing and Costas Markides was great on strategy – the breadth and depth was much greater than anticipated.”

“The ADP allowed me the time to reflect on what I wanted to do, the networking, connections, reflective time and planning time. When I returned to work my colleagues were amazed at what I was able to accomplish in my first six months back because the ADP gave me the insights and space to put an effective plan in place.”

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