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LBS alumnus to head Airbus innovation centre

11 Aug 2017

Luo Gang to run Airbus’s new innovation centre in China

Airbus A350

London Business School alumnus Luo Gang has been appointed CEO of Airbus’s new China-based innovation centre.

The France-based European planemaker Airbus has said it is to set up its new innovation and research centre in China in order to "support its future products and services".

"The new Airbus innovation centre will help define the future of flight by identifying the next big change to transform the aerospace sector and will serve to strengthen Airbus' extended innovation eco-system," Airbus said in a press release.

"China's fast-paced start-up culture makes it an ideal place for Airbus to create a new innovation center. Growth has come to China from manufacturing, technology and finance nowadays," it added.

A location will be announced at a later date

With a degree in electrical engineering from Tianjin University and an MBA from the London Business School, Luo Gang spent nearly three years establishing Uber China’s business before it was acquired by Didi Chuxing in 2016.

His experience in London with UK start-up Rangespan taught him how quickly technology can transform traditional businesses.

“China is a powerhouse of innovation now and has a strong and complete ecosystem including hardware, software and artificial intelligence,” says Gang. “Extending this know-how to aerospace will advance new ways of manufacturing, auto-pilot, urban mobility and in-flight experience in China-speed.”

Gang’s first undertaking will be to ensure the innovation centre is fully operational when it officially opens later in 2017. Gang will report to Paul Eremenko, Airbus CTO.

Innovation has always been a part of Airbus’ DNA. Using the company’s core strengths and capabilities and an extended innovation eco-system, Airbus’ focus on specific research and development areas are key drivers to building the future of flight.