Zack Zornitta

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Analytics and Management
  • Profile Job Pre-programme: Quantitative Consultant at Thought Provoking Consulting

Knowing that a blend of technical and business knowledge is what potential employers are looking for, analyst Zack Zornitta applied to London Business School’s Masters in Analytics and Management programme. Here, he shares his experiences to date.  

“I didn’t want to be pigeonholed as an analyst: I wanted the chance to explore how the worlds of data and business intersect.”

When you come from a computer science background, it can be difficult to apply your technical knowledge in a business context. This was something I realised when working as a Quantitative Consultant for Thought Provoking Consulting, a London-based retail boutique consultancy.

I didn’t want to be pigeonholed as an analyst: I wanted the chance to explore how the worlds of data and business intersect. This was ultimately what drew me to the Masters in Analytics and Management programme.

LBS is great at delivering insights that other business schools often fail to cover. One of my favourite electives has been ‘Using Data Science Responsibly’, a five-week course that made the most of LBS’ London network. In the first term, they brought in the BBC’s Chief Data Scientist to talk about responsible data usage. Also we heard from Morten Hansen, a Management Professor at UC Berkeley and the Apple University as a guest speaker during the Global Immersion Field Trip. It was amazing to have access to industry experts of such stature, and to hear real-life examples of how they solve business problems.

The Masters cohort is incredibly diverse in terms of the mix of backgrounds and cultures, but it’s the way people think differently that’s most interesting. Everyone in my study group comes from a different place and has different experiences of the working world. This means being exposed to a variety of perspectives on how to approach assignments. Being forced to accommodate everyone’s viewpoints and working around our differences is challenging but ultimately rewarding and great preparation for the future.

LBS helps you prepare for your career in a myriad of ways. Resources like the Career Centre are so useful when it comes to working on your CV, preparing for interviews and improving your employability. The School is also full of ambitious, intelligent people who are keen to help – so whether you’re looking for interview tips or wanting to find out more about a particular organisation or industry, there’ll always be someone willing to help.

The School’s network gives you unparalleled access to thousands of highly experienced business leaders. I attended a mentoring event in early October where senior MBA students gave up their time to speak to younger students and share their experiences. I was then able to reach out to people I’d met at the event to discuss how I should best prepare for interviews at various consulting firms. They gave me pointers on how to position my skills and experiences in the most appropriate way for a particular company – and what I learnt from talking to them helped me land the offer for a job at Boston Consulting Group following graduation. I like to think I’ll contribute and give back in the same way later down the line too.

The most helpful interactions with other students have come from casual, informal conversations. One of these was with someone who had recently managed to transfer out of a technical, quant-driven role into strategy consulting, something that I enrolled at LBS to do. I met up with him for a coffee and he outlined how he approached the transition, mentioned potential options I hadn’t yet considered, and ran through a practice interview with me. This casual, informal style of ‘networking’ really boosted my confidence and helped me look at things in a new way.

If you’re heading to LBS, I’d advise you to manage your time productively – life can be busy – but try and throw yourself in at the deep end by making the most of what the School has to offer. Immerse yourself in events, join one of the School’s many clubs and don’t be afraid to reach out to those around you. Everyone is extremely approachable and friendly, so take the time to expand your network and make connections.

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Zack Zornitta was a recipient of the MAM Merit Scholarship (LBS Fund)

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