Weaam Sharroufna

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance Full-time
  • Global Nationality: Saudi Arabian

Education: Bachelor of Finance & Operation & Supply Chain Management

Finance sector: Finance for Oil and Gas Companies

Previous or current role: Accounting Analyst, Saudi Aramco

Clubs: TedxLBS, Middle East Club

About me: Weaam was born and rasied in Saudi Arabia. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance & Operation & Supply Chain Management, with a minor in Economics, from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. After graduating, she joined Saudi Aramco as an accounting analyst working in the company’s finance business line – operations accounting department.

She decided to join LBS to pursue the Masters in Finance programme to broaden her knowledge and benefit from the diverse community and high quality of education.

She aims to leverage her experience at LBS to accelerate her career and start her own business.

Outside of work and classrooms, Weaam likes to walk, read, travel and volunteer.

Contact: weaams.mifft2023@london.edu