Tondani Netshiavha

Education: Chartered Accountant

Finance sector: Corporate and Investment Banking

Previous or current role: Client Analyst, Standard Bank

Clubs: Men’s Rugby Club, Africa Club, Finance Club, Black in Business Club

About me: Tondani is from South Africa, a nation known for its world class rugby. He was born and raised in the South Western Townships of South Africa, commonly known as Soweto. Tondani spent five years and seven months at Standard Bank Group where he gained expertise within client coverage (financial institutions group), investment banking (corporate finance) and distressed balance sheet (debt restructuring).

He decided to pursue the Masters in Finance at LBS to harness his finance skills, position himself competitively for global opportunities and be part of a global network.

Tondani’s passion lies within ESG sustainable investing and financial restructuring. Given his experience living in South Africa, he understands the need for infrastructure investments that are conducive to the environment and assist debt burden companies with financial restructuring.

Tondani enjoys his off time on the sports field playing rugby and at the gym cycling and cooling down with a swim. He plays as hard as he works and can be found travelling across Europe and bar hopping. Tondani is passionate about leadership and is currently reading Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins.

Contact: tondanin.mifft2023@london.edu