Surendra Jain

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance Full-time
  • Global Nationality: Indian
  • Profile Job Pre-programme: Analyst, Centralized Research Group, JP Morgan, India 
  • Profile Job Post-programme: Associate, Corporate Finance (Investment Banking), Deutsche Bank, London

Professional background

Surendra was working as an Associate in the Centralized Research Group at JP Morgan in India before completing the Masters in Finance in 2011.

A deeper understanding of finance

I was in an investment banking support role and my career goal was to continue in finance, moving into either core banking or private equity. When I was deciding on my Masters degree, I therefore wanted a programme that could provide me with both a general overview of finance and the specialist skills required in these fields.

The academic strength of the programme, the background of participating students and the fact that I wanted to gain some experience in London were the key factors behind my decision to pursue the Masters in Finance at London Business School. I feel that an MBA would probably have given me a wider, generalist capability but it would not have given me the in-depth finance knowledge that I was seeking.

Wide diversity

I would definitely encourage people who want to further their career in finance to attend this programme. It provides the right balance between general finance subject areas and the specialisation required to move ahead in any specific field (investment banking, markets and hedge funds). The faculty help people to choose a wide range of subject areas, which in turn helps them in moving ahead in their specific fields.

The wide diversity within the class helps people to get a very good understanding of different finance areas.
It also gave me exposure to different global cultures, which I feel is very important in developing a career in cross-cultural work situations. In addition, London being a global financial centre, provides ample opportunities for finance professionals. On a personal level, I never thought that I would have friends from so many different countries!

The right skill set

London Business School has provided me with a reputable brand name which people recognise for quality and has given me the right skill set to demonstrate to potential employers that I have the required awareness of the global financial market and I can rise to the challenge in the current difficult climate.

The Career Services team was of immense help in my job search, helping me to identify the right career path, developing my story for networking and job interviews, and finding appropriate channels for me to seek opportunities for myself.

I was also able to reach out to a global alumni network that was ever ready to help when I was going for interviews, as well as after I joined my current employer. I find it a great asset to be able to talk to people at different stages in their finance careers and seek their guidance.

Following the programme, I have been successful in securing a role in investment banking which I feel is the right stepping stone for my long-term career goals. The Masters in Finance helped to ensure that I was up-to-speed from day one, creating an immediate positive impact.