Stephanie Reisinger

Education: Bachelors, Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), Austria; 2022

Subject: International Business

Sector(s) of interest Investment Banking

My greatest challenge when I applied to business school was: balancing master applications and working.

About me: My interest in financial topics was sparked whilst studying International Business Administration at WU Vienna. It didn't take long for me to realise that I wanted to pursue a masters degree in Finance. My conviction solidified as I gained practical experience through a student-run finance society and internships in M&A-related sectors, including investment banking, consulting, and private equity. These experiences not only expanded my financial understanding but also helped me confirm my passion for finance.

I was excited to join the Masters in Financial Analysis at London Business School for three main reasons. First, London's status as a global financial center provides unparalleled opportunities for learning and networking in the finance industry. Second, my experiences abroad reinforced my desire to study in a truly international environment, and London Business School offers just that. Finally, I deeply resonated with LBS' hands-on teaching methods, which are allowing me to deepen my financial expertise.

As a Women's Merit Scholar, I am especially committed to supporting and encouraging women who aim to work in the financial industry. On a personal note, I enjoy skiing, travelling, playing the cello and piano, cooking, and connecting with new people.

Three topics I can be approached about: LBS application & community, LBS career support services, moving to London 

Contact: sreisinger.mfa2024@london.edu