Sid Gupta

Education: MEng Computer Engineering, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; graduated in 2018. BEng Computer Engineering, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; graduated in 2017

Pre-MBA industry: Fintech

Pre-MBA role: Software Engineer, Susquehanna International Group

Clubs: Foodie Club (ExCo: co-lead of restaurants), Technology & Media Club, Future of Mobility Club, Wellbeing Club

About me: Sid worked as a software engineer for a high-frequency trading firm in Ireland for four years after completing his bachelor’s and masters degrees in Computer Engineering at Trinity College Dublin. Although he enjoyed the technical challenge of his work, he wants to learn about the business side of organisations, how those business functions interact with their technical counterparts and ultimately lead an organisation or startup in the tech space.

At LBS, he is learning these skills, and many more, that he hopes to bring with him into the workplace whilst completing internships during the programme and post-graduation. With a passion for using technology to enhance the lives of people around the world, his goal is to transition into the consulting or technology industries, leveraging both his technical experience and business education to work on high-impact projects for organisations around the world.

When not on campus, Sid can be found scuba diving, making coffee, trading cryptocurrency or working out in some way, shape or form! Feel free to reach out to him to chat about anything and everything LBS, from transitioning to the MBA with a technical background, to living in London – the world’s second greatest city (after Dublin, of course!).

Three topics I can be approached about: Technology; software engineering to MBA; wellbeing.

Email address: sgupta.mba2024@london.edu