Sabrina Yegela

Previous degree(s): BA in Economics and Studio Art, Dartmouth College, US; graduated in 2013

Pre-MBA industry: Social impact

Pre-MBA role: Founder and Consultant, Bantu Vegan

Clubs: Social Impact Club (Executive Committee – Signature Conference and MIINT Competition), Impact Consulting Club (ICC Fall Project), Out in Business Club, Black in Business Club, Women in Business Club

Three topics I can be approached about: Impact consulting; DE&I; agri-business (sub-Saharan Africa).

About me: Sabrina hails from Tanzania, embodying the spirit of Ujamaa, a community-centric ideology advocating collective agency. Her venture, Bantu Vegan, was birthed from a personal encounter with malnutrition and aims to promote ethical, plant-based and sustainable living. With a diverse pre-MBA portfolio, Sabrina navigated through Tanzania’s socio-economic challenges, which fuelled her aspiration for impactful entrepreneurship.

She chose LBS for her MBA, valuing its academic excellence and the vibrant, inclusive community it nurtures. At LBS, Sabrina is actively engaged in various clubs, honing her strategic thinking and leadership skills amid a global humanitarian crossroads. Embracing a ‘do it scared’ ethos, she navigates through complex business landscapes with a keen eye on mastering core business fundamentals and nurturing meaningful connections.

Post-MBA, Sabrina envisions applying her enriched knowledge in a London-based consulting firm to further her practical understanding. In the long term, she aspires to scale Bantu Vegan, expanding its positive footprint across local and global communities, embodying her continuous quest for social impact and sustainable business practices.

Outside class, Sabrina’s commitment to social impact extends to engaging in dialogues concerning diversity, equity and inclusion, community development, art and literature. Her journey epitomises a blend of cultural reverence, entrepreneurial grit and an unyielding commitment to societal betterment.

Email: syegela.mba2025@london.edu