Phoebe Joel

Previous degree(s): BSc in Petroleum Engineering, University of Ibadan, Nigeria; graduated in 2018

Pre-MBA industry: Energy

Pre-MBA role: Petroleum Engineer, Shell Petroleum Development Company

Clubs: Energy and Environment Club (Executive Committee), Africa Business Club, Black in Business Club

Three topics I can be approached about: Engineering to MBA; African in business; application process.

About me: Phoebe has a Petroleum Engineering degree from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, after which she spent a year exploring different careers across the education, eCommerce and professional services sectors. She then worked as a petroleum engineer at Shell Petroleum Development Company, Nigeria. Her work involved building representative oil and gas reservoir models for production forecasts and optimisation.

Phoebe is passionate about the energy industry. She chose to pursue an MBA to pivot into corporate strategy and to work on business development and growth. To her, an MBA from LBS gives her access to a diverse network and the growing European energy industry. She also wants to leverage the programme flexibility to explore different career pathways.

Outside of work, she is passionate about human capital development and has worked with people on career, education and personal development. She loves writing and spending time with family and friends.

Email: pjoel.mba2025@london.edu