Pantaleon Anani

Previous degree(s): BSc in Economics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria; graduated in 2014

Pre-MBA industry: Climate finance and renewable energy

Pre-MBA role: Commercial Director, UpEnergy Group

Clubs: Chief of Staff, Africa Business Clubs

Three topics I can be approached about: Africa; sustainability and climate finance; sports business.

About me: Pantaleon, with a BSc in Economics, has navigated pivotal roles in Africa’s energy, beverage, agriculture and financial sectors. Notably, at UpEnergy Group, a climate-focused entity, he assisted in expanding operations across seven African countries and diversifying product lines to combat carbon emissions.

Pantaleon’s pursuit of an MBA stems from a vision to seamlessly transition into the sports business sector, placing emphasis on the untapped potentials within the African continent. He sees an Africa where sports become a cornerstone for socio-economic advancement and character moulding. With a keen interest in the proliferation of sports IPs, Pantaleon hopes to be very active in this transformation.

Beyond his professional and academic endeavours, Pantaleon is a seasoned traveller. His journey has seen him traverse 20 African countries, soaking in diverse cultures and experiences. A notable stint was his four-year residency in Uganda. Through these experiences, he has garnered invaluable insights and a unique perspective and is always eager to celebrate the differences within the continent.

With plans to explore 10 more African countries before turning 30 and setting his sights on Asia thereafter, Pantaleon’s journey is as much about discovering the world as it is about self-discovery.

Email: panani.mba2025@london.edu