Natasha Jain

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Management
  • Global Nationality: Indian
  • Profile Job Pre-programme: Entreprenuer, Sapphire Events
  • Profile Job Post-programme: Manager – The Strategy Group, KPMG


Prior to joining the programme, Natasha founded Sapphire Events, an events company that orchestrated exhibitions for women entrepreneurs. She is now a strategy and operations consultant for KPMG, working predominantly in the oil & gas sector.

Undergraduate Degree

Bachelor in Management Studies – majoring in Finance, India; Diploma in Economics, University of London External Programme;

​Global network

I chose to study on the Masters in Management (MiM) programme because I wanted to expand my exposure to global business further than I could as a graduate based in India. I knew that London Business School would offer me access to career opportunities which were not available to me straight after graduation.

The international network was a big selling point; admission to a global business school network at the age of 22 appealed greatly. When interviewing for my current job, I reached out to the School’s community to help me prepare for the modelling based firstround interview, and was lucky enough to be coached through the process by a student who had recently been recruited into the same company. I was later told that my answer for the Excel modelling interview was better than their own model answer. I credit this to the Management Analysis & Systems course on the MiM.

Career support

With the job market so competitive, the support I received from the Career Centre team was extremely advantageous. I was able to improve my CV writing and networking technique by attending on-campus recruiting events, and by taking extra sessions in technical areas I needed to improve in, such as Excel. The skills still serve me daily in my role and I have already been promoted twice in two years within the company, making me the youngest manager in our team.

Practical learning

The core courses I enjoyed the most were the ones that gave me the opportunity to put into practice what I was taught in the classroom. I liked that the Strategy and Management Analysis & Systems exams were only an element of the final grade, with projects and class participation also contributing, making the class very engaging and holistic. The Leadership class taught me a lot about team work and leading people, preparing me for my current team environment.

Lasting impact

My experience on the MiM was unparalleled in terms of expanding my skillset and contact list. I know that the life-long alumni careers service will be a benefit that I tap into for the rest of my career, and I still use the School’s intranet service to ask for advice or find out about events in London. My expectations were high to start with given that I was going to London Business School, and I reap the benefits every day.