Namsai Sethpornpong

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Management
  • Global Nationality: Thai

Education: Bachelors, Brown University, USA; 2021

Subject: International Relations

Sector(s) of interest Consulting

My greatest challenge when I applied to business school was: Preparing for the GMAT!

About me: I've always been interested in social impact, and I initially believed that the best way to do this was through public sector work, and had several internships at nonprofits and the Thai Embassy in DC. However, over the course of my time at Brown, I realised that as someone from Thailand, it is through the private sector that I am able to effectively drive quantifiable change. Since, then I've held 2 private sector roles: one internship at a private equity firm in Singapore, and a full-time job at a boutique consulting firm in Boston. I'm particularly interested in ESG policy and Sustainable Finance, and I hope to work in ESG consulting post-LBS. At LBS, I am an ESG Policy Officer for the Student Association and a recipient of the LBS Fund for Women scholarship. I'm also passionate about digital photography, trying out new foods, and of course, my dog Moby.

A fun fact about me is that I have 7 birds, 3 dogs, and 1 lizard back home in Thailand.

Three topics I can be approached about: LBS Student Association, Wellbeing Services, Pivoting from Social Sciences/Public Sector to Private 

Contact: namsais.mim2024@london.edu