Lukas Erlebach

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance Full-time
  • Global Nationality: Austrian
  • Profile Job Pre-programme: Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group
  • Profile Job Post-programme: Region Management - Head of Germany, Zalando SE

Professional background

Lukas graduated in business administration in 2006, and was working in corporate development with Boston Consulting Group when he completed the Masters in Finance in 2011. He now works in Germany.

A specialised programme

In the past, I have been involved in some strategic projects for private equity funds and for industrial clients, but felt at the time that I lacked a corporate finance foundation. I thought of London Business School right away, and was initially thinking of a one year MBA, but realised that I wanted something more specialised. The Masters in Finance was my favoured option, and Boston Consulting Group agreed to sponsor my studies.

I know that in the medium and long-term I will be able to cover the whole range of private equity and corporate finance projects, because I am now much more confident in my capabilities. Certainly, when I have done proposals for potential clients in the past, my CV has been one of the main selling points, because London Business School stands for quality.

Enriching experience

I can already see the advantages – it was an enriching experience living in London, the financial powerhouse of Europe and a multinational environment. On campus, we were completely integrated into all the School's courses – not just the Masters in Finance, but with the MBA students too – which I found very inspiring.

I now have a great network of alumni to call on. For example, if I’m facing a due diligence or strategic project question, a certain specific industry trend perhaps, I have the clubs or the alumni to contact, and there is always someone who can give me advice. It is a rich network of finance and industry experts. In my longer-term future, I’m definitely thinking about building my own business, and I’ve already identified people at London Business School who I might be in business with, people who could help me make a business fly.

I gained a couple of really good friends too. In fact two out of my five closest friends were with me at London Business School. We all stay in contact and it has helped to open doors.

I would definitely recommend the programme to people who are thinking about doing a one-year MBA but, like me, already have a business administration background and can see themselves in finance. For them, it’s an ideal programme.