Louise Glanvill

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: British

Education: BA (Hons) Medical Sciences: Neuroscience, University of Oxford; graduated in 2010 / MBBS Medicine, Imperial College London; graduated in 2013

Pre-MBA industry: Healthcare

Pre-MBA role: Doctor, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, NHS

Clubs: Healthcare Club President 21-22, Healthcare Conference lead 20-21

About me: Louise is an NHS clinician with a speciality interest in plastic and reconstructive surgery. She studied medicine and neuroscience at Oxford University and Imperial College London, and is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. She spent seven years working in NHS hospital trusts throughout west London and Oxfordshire and taught anatomy at Oxford University Medical School before embarking on her MBA journey with the support of the Service & Society Scholarship and the LBS Fund Scholarship.

She is committed to a career delivering transformational change in healthcare, leveraging her experience in frontline healthcare delivery from a more proximal vantage point in healthcare management, innovation and investment. Her core values are that business should create value for society, and profit should be a product of this; that business should be actively sustainable; and that those in leadership positions should represent the diversity of the people they serve.

Louise is president of the LBS Healthcare Club 2021-22, and led the LBS Healthcare Conference in 2020-21. She has gained international healthcare experience during her time at LBS, working with colleagues Chloe Dowson, Sam Vennin, Zabeen Ahmed and Yaasha Hasan on projects including the Cleveland Clinic 2021 international case competition (2nd place), and the Yale Healthcare Service Innovation 2020 international case competition (3rd place).

Alongside her MBA she remains a practicing clinician and holds a position on the British Medical Association patient liaison committee. She is a runner, water sports enthusiast, and occasional yogi.

Three topics I can be approached about: How can an LBS MBA add value to your healthcare career? (Leadership & management, entrepreneurship, impact investing); Applying to LBS from a non-traditional background; Diversity, environmental social and corporate governance at LBS

Email address: lglanvill.mba2022@london.edu


About the scholarship: The Service and Society Scholarship is awarded to an outstanding MBA candidate from a Social Impact field, which helps to increase the diversity of work experience and sectors amongst our students. It provides a student who is passionate about making positive change the opportunity to attend LBS. The scholarship is funded by donors from the class of MSc12(1979) who are conscious that ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues are becoming crucially more important to all organisations.

"I applied to LBS certain of three things; that I was a wildcard candidate, that an MBA was financially far beyond my reach, and that behind me lay a long road lined with colleagues unconvinced of the merits of a combined education in medicine and management.

I believe that clinicians are well positioned to define the challenges facing healthcare and develop solutions to them. Very few of us step laterally into leadership positions where we can truly effect change, leaving a substantial disconnect between clinicians with solutions, and executives with the authority, network and business knowledge to implement them. A significant part of the problem is that regardless of shared values, we speak different languages.

The Service & Society scholarship represents London Business School’s commitment to help me fundamentally change that. My sincerest thanks to the MSc12 committee who have keenly supported my LBS journey with mentorship and advice. This has been a great encouragement and one which I am sure will endure through generations of service and society scholars, whichever industry they represent." –Louise Glanvill MBA2022

Louise Glanvill was a recipient of the MBA MSc12 Service & Society Scholarship

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