Unimaginable opportunity

“Classes looked at current market conditions, so we could have the greatest effect.”

Lily Chan

Nationality: Chinese Job Pre-programme: Vice President, JP Morgan, Hong Kong Current Role: Structurer, Société Générale, Hong Kong Programme: Masters in Finance part time


A deep and worldly understanding

“I lived and worked in Hong Kong most of my life. When the opportunity to expand my horizons came up, I seized it.”

Master of multiple skills

“I was emotional - I hadn’t realised until then just how much I had achieved.”

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“When my LBS class graduated, David Kabiller, co-founder and head of business development at AQR made an honorary fellowship acceptance speech. His advice? ‘Be curious, take risks and be grateful.’ I was incredibly moved. I was also emotional - I hadn’t realised until then just how much I’d achieved."

“I initially studied politics and law at the University of Hong Kong, before joining global law firm Linklaters in Hong Kong as a trainee solicitor. After that I took up an offer to relocate and qualify in the City, specialising in derivatives and structured products."

“In 2014, still in London, I landed a role with JP Morgan and my career shifted from law to finance. I joined the bank’s front office and became curious about the economics of deals now I was closer to the business. I wanted to learn more and take my career to the next level; it was time to expand my knowledge.

“I’ve always wanted to do multiple things so, between taking the position at JP Morgan and joining the MiFPT programme, I completed level one and two of the CFA qualification. I subsequently completed level three while at LBS."

“In addition to the MiF, I also wanted to take the English law qualification and CFA. Managing to complete them all is a major accomplishment for me. I know now I am ready for anything.”

Taking risks

“Finance is all about taking risks. With risk comes rewards – this is true in finance and I believe in life, too."

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“Level one [of the CFA] gave me a broad overview of finance. Level two offered an in-depth dive into specific areas. Level three brought the whole curriculum together. So when I joined LBS I had a solid foundation in finance, but was ready to add ‘more meat’ to my growing knowledge. Part-time MiF classes combined theory – how things work – and practice – how things work in the market right now."

“The average level of experience in the classroom was also an advantage, she explains. As skilled professionals, we benefited from the way we approached problems and the work we produced.”

“I also wanted to build an international network. My classmates had different career paths and came from all over the world. I drew knowledge from each of them on a personal and professional level – I also made great friends.”

“MiF enabled me to try out new skills for size in a ‘safe place’. I learned a lot about myself, discovering different cultures and adopting new approaches to interacting with people."

“LBS made me stop, think, and take stock of how far I’ve come. It reminded me to be grateful for the great opportunity I’ve had and to embrace all that’s yet to come.”

Rooms brimming with experience

“Everyone is a working professional. This brings a different dimension to the classroom. I drew knowledge from each of them.”

Selecting the best methods

“MiF enabled me to try out new skills for size in a ‘safe place’.”