Laura Ortiz

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: Chilean

Education: BSc Business Administration, Universidad de Chile, Chile; graduated in 2018

Pre-MBA industry: Healthcare

Pre-MBA role: Head of Management Control, Asociación Chilena de Seguridad

Clubs: Healthcare Club, LatAm Club, Technology & Media Club, Volleyball Club, Women’s Touch Rugby Club

About me: Laura holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Universidad de Chile. During that time, she volunteered in Juiz de Fora, Brazil, and completed an exchange semester in Lisbon, Portugal. Prior to her MBA, she worked at Asociación Chilena de Seguridad (ACHS) – a private non-profit healthcare organisation with the biggest healthcare network in the country. There, she contributed through her work in the management control department.

Looking for opportunities to change her geography and explore new industries, Laura decided to join LBS because of its incredible location and great diversity.

In her free time, Laura enjoys travelling, musical theatre (in her first two months at London she has already seen three musicals and one play!) and video calling her long-distance boyfriend.

Three topics I can be approached about: Healthcare; Latin America; thriving on the MBA as an introvert.

Email address: lortiz.mba2024@london.edu