Ken Ninomaru

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: Japanese

Education: Bachelor of Laws, University of Keio, Japan; graduated in 2014

Pre-MBA industry: Automotive

Pre-MBA role: Assistant Manager, Mitsubishi Corporation

Clubs: Finance Club, Private Equity & Venture Capital Club, Japan Club

About me: Before joining LBS, Ken worked for Mitsubishi Corporation, a Japanese conglomerate engaged in private capital investment and commodity trading. He has professional experience in finance, accounting, commodity trading and corporate finance. He worked with leading Japanese companies in the oil and energy sectors as a commodity trader and in the automotive industry to market their cars in the Latin American region.

After managing a global automotive distributor based in Spain and taking part in several M&A deals, Ken decided to pursue an MBA to enhance his financial and management skills in a global context and to eventually take on a financial leadership role.

Outside the office, Ken enjoys outdoor activities. He likes to run, play golf, hike and snowboard. He is always keen to try out new things!

Three topics I can be approached about: Energy/automotive; finance; Asians in LBS.

Email address: kninomaru.mba2024@london.edu