Ken Harb-Wu

  • Degree Programme: Global Masters in Management
  • Global Nationality: Swiss / Canadian

“Through the network, I’ve already been presented with opportunities that I wouldn’t have even thought of without LBS”

The perfect programme

I wanted to study in China, but at the same time didn’t want to pass up on the opportunity to pursue a leading master’s degree in Europe. After speaking to London Business School (LBS) alumni about both the Masters in Management (MiM) and the Global Masters in Management (GMiM), I was convinced the GMiM was the right programme for me; as it gave me the opportunity to do the degree I really wanted, whilst living in the countries I wanted to experience.

Community spirit

One of the most unique aspects of studying at LBS and the programme is the community. It’s not only that the people at LBS are so great, that’s just the cherry on top – but also that the programme office makes such an effort to bring people together, let them collaborate and make unforgettable memories. Through the network, I’ve already been presented with opportunities that I wouldn’t have even thought of without LBS and Fudan. Both schools have such a strong reputation and alumni network in their region that facilitates networking. I also believe the programme has made me take a more global perspective that will be highly beneficial for my future, both personally and professionally.

The diversity within my class has made me more aware of the nuances when working in teams. Having completely different working and communication styles across cultures has made me acknowledge the importance of certain factors that I previously disregarded. Thanks to this diversity and the integration of the LBS community, in every city I’ve been to in the last few months I’ve either been able to meet up with a friend I’ve made at LBS or have someone to ask for local tips.

A network of knowledge

I’ve received a lot of support from those within the school. This spans from alumni that found time to meet for a coffee or attend events, to my LBS mentor Michael - an MBA2019, who always took his time to discuss my career plans in-depth. The great people within LBS extends to the faculty, of whom I’ve been particularly impressed by the likes of Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour Pier Vittorio Mannucci, Professor of Economics Hélène Rey and Assistant Professor of Accounting James Ryans. Out of the wide range of programmes, Alastair Lawrence’s Financial Statement Analysis also really resonated with me; turning what could have been a rather dry subject into something highly interactive, holding my attention for over two hours straight during each lecture.

Looking ahead

After graduating from Fudan University, I plan to kick-start my career with all the insights I made over the past two years, and head back to Europe and build on the experiences I’ve made in China. The advice I’d give to prospective students would be to reach out to alumni or current students, to see if the programme will meet your expectations. It surely met mine, and the LBS alumni and students are very approachable and will find time to answer your burning questions. Also, be sure to make the most of your time at LBS. The past two years have been the fastest of my life.