Jennifer Silvestre

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Psychology, Columbia University, USA; graduated in 2014

Pre-MBA industry: Technology

Pre-MBA role: Product Strategy and Operations, Suzy

Clubs: Tech & Media Club, Women in Business Club

About me: Jennifer has a Bachelors from Columbia University in Economics and Psychology. Using the two disciplines, she began her career in market research, later using that knowledge to pivot to a market research tech startup. During her time at Suzy, Jennifer saw the company grow from a series A to series C funded venture, where she was able to pivot to several parts of the business including sales and solutions functions to product strategy and operations.

Despite being born and raised in New York City, Jennifer made the move across the pond to pursue a truly global career surrounded by classmates from all over the world. The opportunity to work in a different geography and feel equipped to handle the cultural differences in the workplace is a top reason Jennifer chose LBS. The School's commitment to the increasingly global business environment and carefully curating the student body to reflect this diversity makes this possible. Additionally, LBS's focus on the tech sector made it a stand-out choice as she wants to continue to build on her current tech skills and remain cognisant of the trends in the industry.

She plans on using the MBA to learn more about burgeoning tech scenes outside of the United States. She’s active in the Tech & Media Club and Women in Business Club. In her free time, she enjoys Latin dancing (salsa, bachata, merengue) and exploring street art.

Three topics I can be approached about: Technology; choosing a non-US business school; applying as a first generation college graduate

Email address: jsilvestre.mba2023@london.edu