Jenna Denton

Previous degree(s): BSc in Biological Sciences with Industrial Placement, Durham University, UK; graduated in 2019

Pre-MBA industry: Strategy consulting (life sciences)

Pre-MBA role: Consultant, L.E.K. Consulting

Clubs: Student Association (Executive Committee – Sponsorship team)

Wellbeing Club, Private Equity and Venture Capital Club, Volunteering Club, Social Impact Club, Healthcare Club

Three topics I can be approached about: Living in London; strategy consulting; sponsorship.

About me: Jenna is a strategy consultant who has spent over four years living in and exploring London, having moved there from Durham.

After spending most of her childhood growing up in Dubai, Jenna studied Biological Sciences at Durham University, where she continued to develop a passion for life sciences. She worked for AstraZeneca in oncology for one year. After graduating, she joined L.E.K. Consulting’s Life Sciences team, where she worked for four further years and has enjoyed mentoring several new associates.

The MBA is an exciting opportunity for Jenna to expand her business knowledge, continue to build her leadership skills and meet new people from all over the globe.

Outside of work, Jenna was heavily involved in L.E.K.’s community service committee, holding the position of co-lead and organising many charity fundraising events for the London office. She also enjoys yoga, baking and running along the river.

She is excited to get involved in all the events and clubs that LBS has to offer and to share the experience of London with her classmates.

Email: Jdenton.mba2025@london.edu