Jack Parker

Previous degree(s): Meng in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cardiff University, UK; graduated in 2013

Pre-MBA industry: Conferences

Pre-MBA role: Managing Director, Hanson Wade

Clubs: Blockchain Society, Geopolitics and Business Society, Entrepreneurship Club, Ultimate Frisbee Society

Three topics I can be approached about: Entrepreneurship; blockchain; studying with a partner.

About me: Jack is from North Wales, UK, and worked in conference production for nine years. This career exposed him to a wide range of business tasks, including market research, product development, marketing, sales and people management. At Hanson Wade, Jack built from scratch a portfolio of construction conferences in North America, attracting thousands of customers each year.

Following a gap year travelling around South America and South East Asia, Jack chose to study at LBS due to its international diversity and expansive alumni network. Post MBA, he is targeting a career in entrepreneurship and venture capital.

Outside of work, Jack is passionate about Bitcoin, politics, photography and chess.

Email: jparker.mba2025@london.edu