Imane El Hafidi

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Management
  • Global Nationality: Moroccan

Education: Masters, École Nationale d'Architecture de Rabat, Morocco; 2022

Subject: Architecture

Sector(s) of interest Real Estate Investment Management

My greatest challenge when I applied to business school was: Finding a programme which would be the right fit for my career narrative

About me: The LBS cohort is not a one-size-fits-all; each student's journey is rich and distinct. For me, my journey started as an architect. Significantly enriched by my studies in both Morocco and Italy, I have worked with a variety of establishments, including architecture firms and real estate companies. In this capacity, I had the opportunity to collaborate closely with various stakeholders and clients, taking on tasks that extended beyond my conventional expertise and consistently learning from my interactions with professionals in the real estate financial services. This curiosity provided me with valuable exposure and allowed me to gain deeper insights into real estate investment as well as broader business aspects. It is through this experience that I decided to expand my career scope. Recognizing the need to acquire specific business acumen, particularly in management and finance, I set my sights on LBS. The school's purposeful learning approach, along with its commitment to the active development of students' ability to apply theories to real-world problems, precisely met my needs for fast-tracking my transition. However, LBS represents more than academic excellence; it is, first and foremost, an exceptional community of diverse, driven, and truly exceptional cohorts, together with a far-reaching global alumni network.  

Three topics I can be approached about: Applying from a non-business background, Programme structure, Preparing to join LBS