Sharpened skills

“I wanted to accelerate my decision-making and my ability to execute our company’s business plans.”

Hind bin Khirbash

CEO, Emirates National Investment
Programme: EMBAD2018
Nationality: Saudi Arabian


Ace negotiations

“Negotiation is a process rather than a personality attribute..once steps are followed correctly a lot of position power can be gained.”

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Managing multiple priorities

“My decision to pursue an Executive MBA (EMBA) at London Business School stemmed from an innate desire to keep on learning and developing new skills. Plus, my husband, Majed, had opted to take an MBA at the school the year before."

“I wanted to accelerate my decision-making and my ability to execute our company’s business plans. When Majed came home he would tell me about his learning and encounters and I was fascinated by the business theories he shared and how they applied to day-to-day operations. I realised the time had come for me to pursue my graduate degree too.”

“Three months into my MBA, I accompanied my family on a road trip across the US West Coast. I was suffering from jet lag, so I took the opportunity to work at night, trading on the Dubai stock markets, responding to work emails, preparing for exams and completing my academic assignments."

“It may be down to the sheer adrenalin of juggling so many things, but I managed to deliver decent assignments and made solid gains on equity transactions. I was even able to enjoy our travelling. It shows how far you can stretch yourself when the need arises.”

Success metrics

“Be audacious in all you do.”

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Challenge yourself

“Success is something that should also be measured in how business supports communities - our capacity to give back through meaningful initiatives that help drive economic development in the places we operate."

“I follow a rule of three to achieve my goals. It’s a formula I would urge anyone considering an EMBA to apply."

“First, build a support network and ensure the key people around you are supportive. Second, be audacious in all you do. If you’re doing an EMBA, make the very most of it. Challenge yourself when it comes to electives, get out of your comfort zone, throw yourself into the network and events and seize every opportunity.

“The third - keep your eyes firmly on the prize.”


Experience like no other

“Sharing my journey with a cohort of different backgrounds and nationalities was more enriching than work experience.”

Accessible excellence

“LBS was an obvious choice - a world-renowned school offering an EMBA with a broad range of finance electives.”

Push through the tough times

“When times get tough and things start to give, take a breath, prioritise, and keep your focus on what it is you set out to achieve.”