Greta Tishenko

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance full time
  • Global Nationality: Russian

Greta holds a double Bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance from Higher School of Economics (Russia) and University of London (UK). After graduation Greta joined the structuring team at VTB Capital, investment business arm of VTB Group, where she worked on acquisition financing, PXF, real estate financing and debt portfolio restructuring transactions across a variety of sectors. Greta decided to join London Business School to develop her applicable financial tool kit and to get exposure to professionals with diverse backgrounds in terms of specialisations, industries and job locations. Greta values the international focus at LBS, flexible approach to designing personal curriculum, and unlimited opportunities to meet potential future employers. Surprisingly, finance was not Greta’s first professional aspiration. Before pursuing opportunities in finance she considered a career in track and field athletics and was competing on a national level.