Federico Marchionna Fare

Education: Industrial Engineering, Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina Santa María de los Buenos Aires, Argentina; graduated in 2015

Pre-MBA industry: Technology/Travel & Hospitality

Pre-MBA role: Revenue Management Manager, Despegar

Clubs: Football Club (Junior ExCo), Social Impact Club (Junior ExCo), Private Equity & Venture Capital Club

About me: Federico is an industrial engineer from Universidad Católica Argentina. Upon graduation, he worked for Paradigma, an Argentinian consulting firm, for just over a year. He left Paradigma to travel for almost a year around Europe, volunteering for accommodation in Iceland and Spain along the way. When he returned to Argentina, he decided to join Despegar, Latin America’s leading travel agency, as part of the revenue management department. This allowed him to stay associated to the travel industry but also to delve into the technology sector. Federico worked in the Buenos Aires office for six months before relocating to Uruguay, where he continued learning about revenue management and the technology and travel industries, eventually becoming manager for the hotels division.

After four and a half years at Despegar, Federico left to pursue his MBA at LBS, with the objective of understanding other industries and areas within technology, whilst being submerged in an amazingly diverse and international setting and looking to gain more international experience after graduation. Federico currently lives with his wife in London.

Three topics I can be approached about: Studying with a partner; technology; travel and hospitality.

Email address: federicom.mba2024@london.edu