Edu Riera

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Finance Full-time
  • Global Nationality: Spanish
  • Profile Job Pre-programme: Investment Banking at Citigroup
  • Profile Job Post-programme: Equity Analyst at T Rowe Price

“If you are someone with several years of experience and you know that you want to push yourself in finance, I don't think there’s a better programme in the world than the MiF”

Mastering finance

I always wanted to go to a top business school but as I’d only studied at my home university in Spain, I’d never really had the chance. I considered applying for the MBA programme but was sure that I wanted to develop my professional career in finance. It was for this reason that I decided upon the Masters in Finance (MiF) at London Business School (LBS) – it seemed to me that was more focused than the MBA in the topics I was interested in. If you are someone with several years of experience and you know that you want to push yourself in finance, you probably won’t find a better programme in the world than the MiF.”

A two-pronged approach

“I wanted to make two changes in my professional life. One was a shift in my role – prior to LBS I was working in investment banking and wanted to go to the buy-side, specifically to do public equities investing. Secondly, on a personal front, I wanted to move to London and enjoy the experience of living here for several years. These were two big changes to make at the same time, so I thought it would be useful to take a year off from work and get prepared for the transition. Going back to business school was the best option to do both things at the same time.”

“Also, by coming to London, I wanted to get a clearer view on how the investment management industry works here; to learn about the recruiting dynamics in different companies and the skills they are looking for in new candidates. This is something the MiF programme at LBS has certainly helped me to achieve thanks to its strong ties to the asset management industry and the numerous events organized at the School every year.”

Plugging into the network

“Another reason I specifically wanted to come to LBS was to expand my network – due to its diverse class cohort I have had the chance to meet people from all over the world who are on similar career paths but have different views on the world. I think LBS does an excellent job at connecting you with people who share similar interests.”

“Personally, I'm very active in the investment management club, being one of the organizers of the annual LBS Investment Management Conference organization that took place in April 2019. This has been an excellent opportunity for me to network with students from other programmes. I am also a social rep for my class in the MiF programme and tried to set up a reading club for people to meet, discuss books and share interesting things to read – a passion of mine in which the School has been supportive of.”

Leveraging lectures

“The high-calibre of the faculty was another reason why I chose to study at LBS. I have been really impressed by the professors’ backgrounds, a combination of academic and practical experience. Their ability to talk about what is going on in the world is a great complement for the more theoretical aspects we also see in class.”

“In terms of courses so far, I have thoroughly enjoyed the ones focused on the topic of asset management because they have given me a clearer view of what the current global investment management industry looks like. This is enhanced with lectures given by industry leading practitioners and the opportunity to directly ask questions. I also found Distressed Investing to be a very interesting course – it was a completely new topic for me and we had the chance to host industry experts in class (e.g. lawyers, advisors and investors).”

Reaping the rewards

“I’ve immediately felt the impact of the programme. From gaining access to companies that I otherwise wouldn't have access to, and getting invited to many recruiting processes and interviews that without the LBS brand behind me, wouldn't have been possible. Being a member of the LBS alumni community puts you closer to others who are working in the investment management industry in London. I’m looking forward to building and sustaining this network over the next few years, so we can help each other and find opportunities.”

“The location of the school is incredibly important. I know many people looking at other schools in Europe, but being in London makes things easier in many ways. From meeting with people in the industry, going to interviews or presentations and companies coming to campus, being in London, it is a great asset and something that should certainly be taken into account.”

“For those that want to push for a career in finance, there is no doubt that the MiF is the right programme.”