Transform your toolkit

“I am now competent, confident and decisive in both the boardroom and the operating theatre.”

Dr Anshul Govila, Venture Fellow at FundRx

Participant, EMBAD2011


Bringing business to the operating theatre

“Patient protection begins in the boardroom. I wanted to be part of the discussion.”

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A breadth of background and experience

“The way medicine is practised and dispensed has changed completely, both in the West and East, to the point where clinical priorities are now subject to fiscal decisions. I believe this is detrimental to the practice of healthcare and I wanted to gain the right management tools to help tackle this issue."

“I’m a third-generation surgeon and will always remain a surgeon. But doing the Executive MBA helped me straddle both aspects of medicine; the practice and its management.
I had the choice of going to a good Indian business school for half the money, but London Business School is in the top ten world-wide and connects you to a hugely diverse community of professionals. It enables physicians like me to see other worlds out there and helps us widen our general understanding about how modern business works. In my class, there were people from 29 different nationalities – a tremendously enlightening breadth of backgrounds and experience."

"The core classes are rigorous and put everything into perspective for me. They are tailored to
address current business practices and core skills. With a huge variety of different elective streams offered in three different formats I tailored the Executive MBA programme to my goals."

Refining skills; maintaining focus

“I gained credibility in an area where many doctors and physicians often lack experience.”

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Coping with a changing market

“I chose four finance electives, bringing me almost on par with the best financiers in the class. I believe this choice is overwhelmingly helpful in what is now probably the most challenging of financial times. The practical skills I gained from this degree are very helpful and enabled me to gain credibility in an area where many doctors and physicians often lack experience. The programme extended my education and refined the skills I have."

“I have more visibility and credibility with management, and I’m working on projects I wouldn’t have been before. I’m now involved in cost-cutting measures and audits, and improving and fine-tuning the healthcare delivery mechanism within a changing medical market.”