Chris Yu

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: British

Education: Law LLB, University of Manchester, UK; graduated in 2014

Pre-MBA industry: Tech

Pre-MBA role: Inside Sales Manager, Brandwatch

Clubs: Consulting Club, Running Club

About me: After completing his undergraduate studies in law with an LLB from the University of Manchester, Chris took an early career pivot as he interned with the newly formed London office of New Zealand-based tech startup Vend. Over the next six years, he worked across marketing, sales and partnerships as he helped the UK team grow from five to 50 people, culminating in Vend’s acquisition by Lightspeed.

Directly prior to the MBA, Chris spent a year with UK tech firm Brandwatch as one of two managers, once again establishing a new London-based sales team. During his MBA, Chris aims to pivot into strategy consulting where he can leverage these experiences.

Chris is passionate about mentorship, having mentored at Pavilion, a community providing coaching and guidance for early career sales professionals.

During the MBA, Chris looks forward to being an active member of the Consulting and Running Clubs, mastering Mandarin through LBS’ language programme and by going on an exchange.

In his spare time, Chris likes running and looks forward to trying new sports while at LBS.

Three topics I can be approached about: Applying from a non-traditional background; working in tech startups; LBS life as a London native.

Email address: cyu.mba2024@london.edu