Carolina Wosiack

  • Degree Programme: LBS Sloan Masters
  • Global Nationality: Brazilian
  • Profile Job Pre-programme: Digital Transformation Director, CI&T
  • Profile Job Post-programme: Managing Director - EMEA, CI&T

“Due to the diversity in the class, you end up learning a lot about new cultures and different management styles. I’d say I have learnt as much from the class itself than from the assignments or lectures”

Ability analysis

I see myself as a catalyst in business. Born into an entrepreneurial family, I have a natural instinct for spotting market opportunities; as a result, I have started several business from scratch and transformed existing business models.

As an entrepreneur, I founded my own companies and mentored several early stage startups in different spaces. My entrepreneurial spirit led me to work as an innovation executive within the digital space in large corporations - Ericsson, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi and Roche - in LatAm and Europe.

My previous position was as a digital transformation director for a multi-national Brazilian technology company called CI&T, helping traditional companies to find new products and implement digital processes, so they could become more agile and competent, thereby boosting growth. I’ve always had a very fast-paced career, and before London Business School (LBS), I realised that to take that next step, I needed to polish my leadership skills. Most of these skills I’d learnt practically in highly volatile, uncertain and complex contexts, so I wanted to develop an academic acumen to solidify my experience so far.

Developing to development

I come from an emerging country, so receiving a scholarship for the LBS Sloan programme really helped me in this respect and made the process easier. The acknowledgement of how I’d already helped others to build well-performing businesses was a great recognition from such a respected school. Upon receipt of the scholarship, I immediately thought about how I could give back to the School, and immediately put myself forward as a mentor on the HealthTech Challenge startup programme.

Opening up the future

The LBS Sloan programme is helping me to see other opportunities for myself that I wouldn't have considered before. It’s opened up my future and made me consider everything, from career changes, to helping me adopt a fresh approach and view different industries with a new mindset that benefits the businesses I support and the wider community. I feel very confident that LBS has been helping me to boost my professional expertise so that when I am done with my degree, I can take ventures to a new level of scalability and growth.

All walks of life

We have 26 nationalities in the class, all working in various sectors. Due to the diversity on offer, you end up learning a lot about new cultures and this broadens your mindset. It's very interesting, as often I learn as much from the class as the assignments or lectures. Engaging with people and getting to know how they see things is truly eye-opening.

Never alone

The community is one of the School’s key assets. The alumni are very open to exchange different perspectives, and every time you might want to learn about a new industry, you can easily reach out and more often than not will receive a helpful response. As an example, during the programme, we had to complete an assignment for marketing where we were assessing five different segments. I sent an email in the class directory requesting some specific information and had the help and insight I needed very shortly after. Through the network, I’ve met a lot of interesting people. Even the professors are very open and approachable, which is great. Outside of education, the clubs throughout LBS are amazing, giving you limitless opportunities to learn about different countries and industries and pursue different passions. I’m involved in several clubs, including Tech and Media, Women in Business, VC&PE and Entrepreneurship – all of which offer very different experiences.

Giving it everything

My advice would be to consider this time as short and precious. Use not just LBS but also London, as the city offers a lot of opportunities - be sure to balance these two factors and make the most of them. I think some people might struggle as they are still connected with their former companies, to whom I would say dedicate yourself body and soul to be here, because it's worth it. Commit to being here and living the experience.

Carolina Wosiack was a recipient of the Sloan LBS Sloan Women's Scholarship (LBS Fund)

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