Carolina Bicalho

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: Brazilian
  • Profile Job Pre-programme: Senior Merchandiser, Cia. Hering

“London Business School has exceeded my expectations. It’s a very rich experience and I’m enjoying being part of a great international community.”

For Carolina Bicalho, marketing the 12th Latin America Business Forum, an event organised annually by London Business School (LBS)'s LatAm Club and the Brazil Club, was a chance to give back to the Latin American community.

“I’ve been sourcing speakers for the event and it’s been really thrilling inviting globally renowned professionals to come here and discuss key business issues. They’re giving their time for free and that’s had an impact on me; it’s the kind of leader I’d like to be.” 

Carolina is particularly looking forward to welcoming Christiana Figueres, the world authority on global climate change and former executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. “As well as her message, it’s very inspiring to see a woman leading the discussion on such an important theme.” 

The theme of this year’s Forum is Winds of change in Latin America: consequences and opportunities. “There’s huge interest in it among the LBS community and I know all of the discussions are going to be relevant to my future career.” 

LBS is already providing professional opportunities, she says. “LBS has exceeded my expectations. The people here are collaborative and very willing to be generous with each other. It’s a rich experience and I’m enjoying being part of a great international community.” The diverse student body was a key reason that Carolina chose LBS. It’s the first time she has lived in the international financial and cultural hub that is London and she’s having a great time. 

In Brazil Carolina worked for the textiles manufacturer Cia. Hering. She managed three product lines, which involved defining the product portfolio, price and margins for the yearly collections and carrying out market research and sales data analysis. Meeting people from different industries on the MBA programme has opened her eyes to a wider range of career options. 

“The teaching is so inspiring, I’m finding I’m interested in subjects I never thought I would be. For instance, I hadn’t studied finance before I came to LBS but the way it’s taught is making me rethink my future career. The professors are experienced in the real world of business so they really know what they’re talking about.”

Carolina Bicalho was a recipient of the MBA Wili and Ilse Scholarship

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