Carlos Sanz Esteve

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Management
  • Global Nationality: Spanish
  • Profile Job Pre-programme: Work experience at Uría Menéndez
  • Profile Job Post-programme: Investment Professional, Varde Partners Europe Limited

What were your reasons for studying a Masters in Management, and why did you choose London Business School?

After gaining professional experience in law, I wanted to accomplish two goals in my next immediate career step; (i) working in a more business-related function; and (ii) internationalising my career. Because of the economic crisis and its effects on the job market, I realised that I needed the branding of a prestigious institution on my CV to help me achieve these goals. Being globally recognised as a preeminent business school, London Business School perfectly suited my aspirations, and the Masters in Management for students without extensive work experience provided a fantastic opportunity to get into business school straight from undergraduate level.

What have been the key benefits of the programme?

On top of the comprehensive and rigorous tuition covering the main areas of business, the programme and the School community offered a wide range of benefits. The programme is structured with a focus on a practical approach and a great deal of group work, and I gained a broad range of soft skills which will be of great benefit to me in my future career.

There are a huge number of opportunities for students to gain in depth knowledge of a wide variety of business areas. These arise through activities such as the summits, guest speaker events and seminars that are organised by the School clubs. Access to the School alumni community and to MBA students also provided fantastic opportunities for networking – a key aspect of securing a top job.

How do you think the programme will help you in your future career?

Many of the soft skills gained throughout the programme have been essential in both my immediate and my long term career, and the network I formed on the programme will be of great help in the future. In this sense, one of the key aspects of the programme is the gathering a large group of extremely talented, ambitious and diverse individuals. I am convinced that I will always be able to ask for help from my classmates if I need it, as they will be able to do so with me.

How has the Masters in Management differed from your undergraduate experience?

The approach is much more practical and the learning is much more experiential, as it is mainly based on discussion, teamwork and reflection rather than memorising theories and frameworks. Moreover, London Business School is different from typical undergraduate institutions in the extracurricular experience it provides.

How do you think membership to the School’s alumni community will benefit you in the long term?

I think membership to the School’s alumni community is one of the key benefits of the programme. Starting from my fellow classmates, I have been able to develop lifelong relationships that enrich my personal and professional life. In addition to these close contacts, the School’s alumni are also willing to help you on the basis of your shared membership to this community. This can be very helpful in acquiring business opportunities.

Finally, in one sentence, how would you describe your experience of the London Business School Masters in Management?

My time at the School was an intense experience combining academic rigour, strong emphasis on career placement and the development of interpersonal abilities, but with plenty of fun along the way as well!