Anjori Pasricha

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: Indian

After completing her undergraduate studies in Statistics, Anjori decided to pursue a career in Analytics. She worked for tech start-ups in New Delhi, where she doubled as a Solutions Architect and an Account Manager. Her work in private healthcare took her to Sub-Saharan Africa, Canada and Germany, which inspired her to explore the applications of tech in the development sector, particularly in public health. She later went on to lead projects for the UN in India, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka, and for other consumer health and not-for-profits working in this space.

Anjori’s reasons for starting her MBA at London Business School were the programme’s flexibility to accommodate multiple projects and internships, the School’s location and access to exciting Healthtech companies, and the exposure to different working styles, cultures and experiences – which has been the highlight of her experience thus far. She co-leads skills and training for the Design & Innovation Club and is a part of the learning team at the Healthcare Club.