Angela Liu

  • Degree Programme: MBA
  • Global Nationality: Chinese
  • Profile Job Post-programme: Business Development Manager, Renault Sport Racing

“London is more international, more embracing than any other world city,” says Angela Liu. “I’m a foreigner but I don’t feel like a foreigner. It’s my home.” Angela is from Shanghai and has been in Barcelona for a three-month exchange as part of the second year of her MBA. She is missing the city and the friends she’s made on this “intense and life-changing” programme. “My experience at LBS is so international and unique. It has helped me to understand that there are many different lifestyles out there. It has broadened my horizons. London is the best place to keep your own culture but experience others at the same time.”

Growing up in China, Angela saw how international the country was becoming. She made a promise to herself: that she would travel and experience different cultures as soon as she could. “I wanted to challenge myself. I was doing management consulting in Shanghai and it was amazing but something was missing. I liked to help my clients solve problems but I wanted to use my passion too.”

As a motorsports fan, she took a part-time job with Formula One, and knew right away that’s where she should be. “In London, I’ve done an internship at the top motorsports marketing agency in the world CSM Sports & Entertainment, and through the Sports Business Club I met and talked to Alejandro Agag, the CEO of Formula E Racing. It’s inspiring. I want to be a sports marketing leader, and at LBS I feel my goal gets closer every day.”

The Sports Business Club has been central to Angela’s LBS journey. “The sports industry is growing all the time,” she says. “It’s increasingly looking to employ MBAs, and the club helps us all extend our networks. Before I came to London, I wondered sometimes if working in the sports industry was an impossible dream. Through LBS and the Sports in Business Club, I know it’s a reality. The most successful people in the field aren’t just on TV – they’re real, and they come to give talks at the School!”

Angela is a scholarship recipient, and says that getting it has enabled her to reach for her dream. “It’s given me the bravery to chase my ambitions,” she says. “The scholarship gives me 50% of my tuition. In London the prices can be high but there’s nowhere else in the world that can match the opportunities it gives you. And nowhere else has LBS!”

Angela Liu was a recipient of the MBA LBS China Scholarship (LBS Fund)

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